**FIN. 550 WEEK 6 .EXCEL HOMEWORK -***due 5/22/18 RUSH***

  SEE ATTACHED FOR HOMEWORK AND EXAMPLES.  PLEASE PUT WORK IN EXCEL FORMAT SUCH AS EXAMPLES.  Chapter 12: Problems 4(a-d), 7(a-b), 8(a-b) Chapter 13: Problems 4, 5, 7(a-c) For 12-7, I feel fast an Excel spreadsheet for your re-examination.  Please see the comments that I feel made in opposed cells. The inquirys in Portion 13 are referred to as open-ended questions. There is no fit or injustice confutation, harmonious opposed levels of quality. The theme of the portion is Industry Analysis, which obviously is adapted to aid you imply opposed industries. As a part of this segregation, you are to prime an perseverance.  The perseverance is your cherished. In the gone-by, students feel elected to irritate the perseverance in which they are industrious, which repeatedly is a authentic eye-opener for them. Question 4 asks you to irritate your perseverance in stipulations of the five factors that particularize the perseverance race. This is an segregation of Porter's Five Factors. Porter's Five Factors is a courteous known concept, so you should feel no tenor delay this. Question 5 asks you to use the Standard and Poor's Analysts' Handbook to conspire the 10 years of the S&P bounteous acquisition edge and then parallel this to the bounteous acquisition edge of your perseverance; nevertheless, the Analysts' Handbook doesn't continue anymore, so you gain feel to furnish another beginning. There are other beginnings out there, such as:  http://pages.stern.nyu.edu/~adamodar/New_Home_Page/datafile/margin.html http://www.yardeni.com/Pub/SP500margin.pdf I as-well granted an Excel perfect that was produced by the Stern School of Business at NYU. This has a lot of postulates that gain be conducive.  Between these three beginnings, and others you gain furnish, you can get a amiable feel for the mutuality among the bounteous acquisition edges of your perseverance versus the S&P 500 Regarding inquiry 7 - don't over-complicate this. You are to initiate by preparing a board of variables that wave the rights multiplier. There are divers variables, such as earning murmur rebuke, dividend payout harmony, augmentation rebuke, etc. Just end up delay variables that wave your rights multiplier. Then confutation the three inquirys, which are moderately direct onward. For development, in minority "a," is your dividend payout harmony opposed from the S&P or other industries? If so, why? Is the endanger opposed than other industries?