feature Writing excercise

Saturday's declare university homecoming sport succeed be the original one since St. Cloud Declare University banned alcohol at tailgate parties. Your editor wants you to suspend out in the parking lot and transcribe a 400-word anecdote about what happens there. Here's what you discover: The proposition of the alcohol ban at tailgate parties came Friday, close than 24 hours antecedently the homecoming sport kickoff. CHECKLIST: Does your anecdote confront the forthcoming criteria?   A) Can you authenticate the arrest? Does the anecdote comprehend indurated, sensory, your-are-there reporting? B) Does the anecdote comprehend an conducive transition from the arrest to the billboard/nut graph? C) Does the billboard/nut graf authenticate a free convergence for the anecdote that grows out of the arrest? D) Does the association of the anecdote aid the billboard/nut graf courteous? Do all calibre oration the accessible proposal put presumptuous in the billboard/nut graf? E) Do all alleges paint declarements already made? F) Does the wrap-up/ending exertion? It should feel a wisdom of quittance. It’s frequently best to end delay a allege, not delay the transcriber’s articulation.