Read Chapter 8 and reply the subjoined questions: 1.  List the five (5) geography skills that manifestation expand during preschool and primitive years. 2.  List the five (5) ocean themes of geographical studies. 3.  Give examples of how a schoolmaster can use the environment to growth manifestation’s apprisedness of the universe encircling them. 4.  How can a schoolmaster use fix and steep to aid manifestation initiate to form distinctions betwixt the irnot-absolute surfaces protection the globe? 5.  Learning to solicitude for the globe involves what five (5) concepts? 6.  Define interdependency. 7.  What is meant by aesthetic manage? 8.  Define collective sense. 9.  List the three (3) R’s of being a good-natured-natured environmentalist. 10.  List different suggestions for education manifestation encircling how the globe moves in interspace. 11.  What can a schoolmaster do to inform manifestation encircling manage and location? 12.  List eight (8) concepts manifestation are made apprised of through move exploration. 13.  Explain excellent manages.  How can a schoolmaster inform excellent manages to manifestation? 14.  What is meant by not-absolute composition? 15.  List three (3) concepts manifestation must apprehend in manage to use maps. 16.  List three (3) things you agency neglect to do when introducing manifestation to maps. 17.  What do geographers examine? 18.  What is a part? 19.  What is a corporeal part? 20.  Define cultural part. book site https://catalogue.pearsoned.co.uk/assets/hip/gb/hip_gb_pearsonhighered/samplechapter/0132867982.pdf