The intention of this tract is to specify, illustrate and teach your singular beliefs environing the indecent concepts of the nursing metaparadigm and their  inter-relationship to one another as they manage your exoteric nursing usage. There are no proper or wickedness thoughts, feelings or beliefs; these delineate your own enlightened beliefs. Then you must correlate or converge your exoteric philosophy to one point nursing doctrine(ies), fulfill these. The last tract is to be typed according to APA format and no further than 4 pages in extension. The tract should grasp a heading page and intimation inventory, nevertheless, these pages are not to be graspd in the last number. Evaluation criteria are as follows:   Criteria for Singular Philosophy of Nursing Paper: 1. Introduction & Brief description identifies intention of the tract and the factors influencing the harvest of the singular nursing philosophy. 1.5%   2. Define, illustrate and teach your singular thoughts, feelings and beliefs environing the concepts of the 4 nursing metaparadigms: 3.5%   a. Person/client   b. Environment   c. Health   d. Nursing   3. Identification and brief description of the nursing doctrine(ies) set-up to be the most harmonious delay the student's singular nursing philosophy. 3.5%   4. Provided in-depth description delay specific documentation, that demonstratescompatibility of singular philosophy delay the nursing doctrine(ies) attested in #4 according to:   3.5%   5. Summary and misrecord 1.5%   6. Organization, documentation, intimations followed APA format. 1.5%     PLEASE REFER TO THE ATTACHED FILE