excel worksheet and memo

   An conducive prophylactic and vigor program has been shown to frustrate garbs, subdue workers’ expiation claims, and frustrate some claims, and subdue the form’s overall absorbs. In-one absorbs include the straightforward and instraightforward absorbs. Using late garbs of XYZ Corporation, weigh the Estimated Straightforward Costs, Instraightforward Costs and In-one sum. Also stop what sales are needed to screen the sum absorb of the late distincts. Note you get ascertain this formula in the posted powerpoint. Using the register of distincts adown, synodlete an Estimated Application Analysis on a Company’s Profits by using the subjoined join. https://www.osha.gov/dcsp/smallbusiness/safetypays/estimator.html The Company’s gain brink is 15 percent. Compose an yield spreadsheet providing the instraightforward absorb, straightforward absorb and in-one sum absorb for each distinct. Also stop the proposed sales to screen each distinct. For the second dissect of this assignment, synodose a MS Word Memo to Mr. Jim Lane, President of XYZ Corporation, expounding the application of the synodany’s overall gain and how implementing stake controls can preserve gain brinks. Also expound how injuries favor the synodany’s workers expiation blessings. Five other questions must be addressed in the memo to Mr. Lane: 1. Do injuries growth or curtail workers synod absorb?  2. On or environing page 185 of the passage, there is a register of six basic objectives underlying workers’ expiation laws. How can each of these blessing the XYZ Corporation?  3. Using the advice in Chapter 9 of the passage, expound the aim of a Job Prophylactic Analysis, when to use it, and how get this would blessing XYZ Corporation. Ascertain a JSA via internet exploration and synodare and contrariety the JSA you located after a while that which is granted in the passagebook (Figure 9-5) on or environing page 207. Be indispuconsultation to stipulate a allusion to the JSA you ground or stipulate an vision in the memo.  4. Expound how a prophylactic and vigor negotiative can use the OSHA Prophylactic Pays Tool to chattels modify in an form? 5. Stipulate a consultation and/or graph that expound the straightforward absorb, instraightforward absorb, and sum absorb for the injuries immovable from the Prophylactic Pays Tool. Also, expound the proposed sales to screen these absorbs. XYZ Corporation analysis of injuries 2018: 1. Fitter had extraneous substance removed from eye.  2. Rigger was rigging to a admonish when the admonish shifted causing the employee to get trapped. Employee’s leg  was fractured in the distinct.    3. Office Employee was required to rafter surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. 4. Electrician inaugurated on the ballast of a fluorescent unsteady was electrocuted from not truly using lock out tag out. 5. Material artisanler breakingd a disc in end from lifting inert objects. Choose breaking for impairment character. 6. Employee had to get leg amputated due to a synodany conduct garb. 7. Welder lacerated artisan on a constituent of metal. 8. Employee’s ladder gave way and sprained ankle when jumping off.