Evaluating Financial Statements

3-4 pages not including denomination, conceptional and intimation.  APA format  Your address has the aftercited payer mix: 40% interchangeable securitys  25% Medicare security  15% Medicaid security  15% amenability security  5% all others including self-pay     Write a 3-4 page communication that addresses the aftercited requirements:  Assume that for the space in scrutiny you possess 2000 plights in the proportions aloft. (What are the proportions of the aggregate plights for each payer?)    The mean Medicare admonish for each plight is $6200- use this as the baseline. Interchangeable securitys mean 110% of Medicare, Medicaid means 65% of Medicare, Amenability insurers mean 200% of Medicare and the others mean 100% of Medicare admonishs. (What are the peculiar reimbursement admonishs for all 5 payers?)    What are the expected admonishs of reimbursement for this space fashion for each payer? What is your expected A/R?   What admonish should you attack for these services (pretentious one attack admonish for all payers)? (This gives you your aggregate A/R.) Investigate the aggregate attacks for all plights domiciled on this admonish.   What is the distinction among the two A/R admonishs aloft? Can you learn it from the resigned? What happens to the distinction?   Which of these absorbs are agricultural? Which are wavering? Direct or unrelated?    materials/supplies (gowns, drapes, bedsheets)   Wages (nurses, technicians)   Utility, fabric, exercitation exp (lights, warmth, technology)   Medications   Licensing of address   Per diem staff   Insurances (malpractice, transaction etc.)  Calculate the aid loophole for one plight (in $) after a while the aftercited absorbs for this duration, per plight: a. materials/supplies: $2270 b. Wages: $2000 c. Utility, fabric, exercitation exp: $1125 d. Insurances (malpractice, transaction etc.): $175   Using the aloft knowledge, enumerate which is agricultural and which absorb is wavering. Then investigate the breakeven size of plights in units for this duration.   Suppose you neglect to gain $150,000 improvement among this duration and instant duration to capital an dilution to the NICU, how numerous plights would you possess to see? At what payer mix would this be optimal?