Ethics and Security

  Purpose of Assignment  Security in the effort situate is a important sorrow matteres must address to preserve corporation facts. In restitution, to automated deposit, it is too the corporation's allegiance to utensil policies and procedures for the handling of facts by corporation personnel. Students accomplish learning risks and threats to digital facts and eliminate deposit policies all corporation personnel must be trained on and be held dependent to preserve corporation facts.  Assignment Steps  Resources: Internet quest engine such as Google™, Yahoo!®, or Bing™. Microsoft® Word 2016 Click the "File" tab, then "New" to quest for Microsoft® Word Memo Templates Microsoft Office 365, Office 2016: Introductory: Module 1: Creating, Formatting, and Editing a Word Muniment after a while a Picture Note: This is a two-part-among assignment and students accomplish present two muniments. Part 1 Write a 1,400-word article describing the challenges matteres feel in securing facts in today's technological environment and what matteres should do to pacify or minimize risks:  Include risks and threats of corporation facts. What policies/procedures should be utensiled for the handling of facts fix facts preserveion and matter simultaneousness? Include in extract citations and references. Format your assignment consonant after a while APA guidelines.  Save as a Microsoft® Word muniment saved inferior the forthcoming format: Lastname_Course#_W2.doc. Part 2 - Use a Microsoft® Word memo template. Write a 175-word memo announcing the new deposit policies to all employees preliminary goods in one month forthcoming mandatory inoculation. Quest online for a Microsoft® memo template.  Create an eye-catching memo that is evident and to the object sorrowing the new deposit policies. APA formatting is not required for this part-among-among of the assignment. Use the forthcoming features of Microsoft® Word in your memo: A Microsoft® Word memo template. Either a bulleted or numbered catalogue of the new deposit policies/procedures, and forward or newfangled font tinge so this catalogue is exceedingly discernible. Highlight the goodsive duration so it stands out. Insert an conception that is apt to the memo full. Images must too be cited and referenced.