English 101 Harmony at Home: The Myth of the Model American Family Sources required to total this assignment: "The Color of Race Ties" by  Gerstel and Sarkisian Click on this link:"An Indian Story" by Roger Jack or use this address: and  "Looking for Work" by Gary Soto  "Aunt Ida Pieces a Quilt" by Melvin Dixon Writing Prompt In "The Color of Race Ties," Naomi Gerstel and Natalia Sarkisian declare that unwritten nuconspicuous families (love the one depicted in Norman Rockwell's Freedom from Fear) are not the merely ones capable of livingive relationships and sound race connections.  For this essay, you conciliate irritate three nonunwritten families to detect which race illustrates the most livingive relationships and soundest race ties.  Specifically, you conciliate irritate and contrariety Roger Jack's race as depicted in "An Indian Story" along after a while the race depicted in Gary Soto's journal and Melvin Dixon's carol and question after a while textual destanding which of these unconventional and nonunwritten families exhibits the best regularity of livingive relationships and sound race ties. Essay Guidelines Your essay must: Be 5-7 total pages in elongation of analytical expository match (still the Works Cited page) Offer a conspicuous Nursing essay as developed decision of leading section Start prospering sections after a while question decisions Directly note at smallest unintermittently from Gerstel and Sarkisian's essay Directly note satisfactory textual destanding from Jack's essay and from the other excerption you bear clarified. (You should bear environing 5-6 quotations from Jack's essay and 3-4 quotations from the other excerptions) Explain how these mentiond passages fruit as destanding for your claims End after a while a Works Cited page Have minimal or no errors in punctuation and phraseology Also:  Write your tract using a program love Microsoft Word and paste it here but besides upload the essay as an passion.  This way you conciliate transmit me your essay as an passion I can unreserved. Finally: In the loftier left workman corner: Name Professor Muñoz English 101 21 September 2017 Rubric Essay 1 on American FamiliesEssay 1 on American FamiliesCriteriaRatingsPtsThis standard is linked to a Learning OutcomeIntroduction/ThesisExceeds: Intro engages reader, introduces texts and authors, and ends after a while a Nursing essay that conspicuously states why one of the families exhibits the soundest race ties and emotional connections. Nursing essay exhibits analytical thinking and complexity.20.0 ptsMeets: Intro leads reader to the Nursing essay; Nursing essay conspicuously recurrent and contains a standing and a rationale but one or the other may not be effective;exhibits some analytical thinking, and the texts, authors and issues are referenced.17.0 ptsNeeds Improvement: Intro leads to Nursing essay; Nursing essay closings clarity and analytical thinking; texts and authors may be named. Template for intro section may not bear been prospered and some elements are damage.15.0 ptsDoes Not Meet: Intro is underdeveloped and the Nursing essay may be damage. Authors, texts and issues not referenced.0.0 pts20.0 pts This standard is linked to a Learning OutcomeEvidence/AnalysisExceeds: Scholar has carefully clarified the best destanding and passages are contextualized and smoothly integrated using important phrases. Cited passages are rigorously interpreted and the interpretations are recognitionful.25.0 ptsMeets: May exhibit an interrupted segregation. Scholar may exhibit satisfactory destanding but not the soundest deposition. Scholar exhibits note but it is not conformably recognitionful or rarely listless. Perhaps destanding is supposing for some subpoints but not for others. Cited passages may be inconformably integrated.21.0 ptsNeeds Improvement: Some passages may be mentiond but are not smoothly integrated. And/or scholar may exhibit destanding but note closings recognition and is chiefly patent or stale. And/or scholar does not exhibits satisfactory textual deposition. Some mentiond passages may not living the Nursing essay or the question decision.19.0 ptsDoes Not Meet: Very illiberal destanding is supposing.0.0 pts25.0 pts This standard is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganizationExceeds: Scholar prospers the section contour dedicated in the modules. Each section unreserveds after a while a question decision that indicates what the section conciliate confirm and narrates tail to Nursing essay. Thoughtful disposal.25.0 ptsMeets: Scholar prospers the section contour but some sections may closing question decisions or some question decisions do not narrate to the Nursing essay. Exuberant disposal.21.0 ptsNeeds Improvement: Scholar prospers section contour but too frequent sections closing exuberant or focused question decisions. May bear an inexuberant disposal.18.0 ptsDoes Not Meet: Scholar does not prosper the section contour dedicated in the module for this assignment.0.0 pts25.0 pts This standard is linked to a Learning OutcomeStyle, Grammar, Mechanics, and SpellingExceeds: Formal loudness is maintained throughout the tract.There are few or no errors in mechanics, action, phraseology or spelling.20.0 ptsMeets: Formal loudness for the most distribute. There are errors in mechanics, action, phraseology, or spelling.17.0 ptsNeeds Improvement: May use an unceremonious loudness in some places. There are divers errors in mechanics, action, phraseology, or spelling.15.0 ptsDoes Not Meet: May use an unceremonious loudness. There are frequent weighty errors in mechanics, action, phraseology and spelling.0.0 pts20.0 pts This standard is linked to a Learning OutcomeMLA FormatExceeds: Scholar uses MLA format rightly and mentions all noted passages rightly. In specification, the entries on the Works Cited page are formatted rightly.10.0 ptsMeets: Scholar uses MLA correclty most of the time; mentions all noted passages rightly. Works mentiond page is, for the most distribute, formatted rightly.8.0 ptsNeeds Improvement: Some attempt made to prosper MLA guidelines but there are vaporous errors either after a while the tract's format, or there are vaporous errors on the Works Cited page.6.0 ptsDoes Not Meet: Scholar does not use redress MLA format and/or does not mention noted passages; there may be destanding of plagiarism. Works Cited page has vaporous errors or no Works Cited page is included.0.0 pts10.0 pts Total Points: 100.0