Commodity  Chain  Analysis:  (ASSIGNMENT DIRECTIONS)  In  our  present-day  society,  it  is  increasingly  difficult  to  know  where  our livelihood is executed and where our products are made.  It is approximately as if the things we buy magically appear on the treasure shelves; we keep dwarf purpose and frequently any fancy relating the process of how  that  thing  arrived  on  the  disposal  for  us  to  buy.  ‘Made in China’ labels barely number part of the story; this  assignment  asks  you  to  number  the  rest  of  it.  Your  t ask  is  to  pick  one  commodity,  one  brand  and  one  country  (for  example, iPhone,  Apple,  and  China) and  trace  how  this  product , from  its  origins, ended up on a treasure disposal in  Cheney or Spokane, or from wherever you purchased it (it may keep been  online). You  will  need  to do  your  own  investigative  research  (Google  searches,  etc.)  to divest  the concourse, or diversity of companies, concerned in producing the article, and the multiform production  processes,  labor  conditions,  and  facilities  that the  article  (or  its  multiform  components)  traveled  through antecedently finally arriving on the treasure disposal. 4-5 pages  double-spaced  12pt font size  In-text citations MLA mode citation  I keep stable a pattern tractate that got A+ FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT that agency be advantageous to stay out.