Use one of the two paintings granted for the Critical Thinking Assignment 2 and the porcelain on the dragon ( (Links to an superficial office.)Links to an superficial office. to collate or dissimilarity the dissonance indication and composition of art in these two cultures. Your essay should accept and presentation, two substantiality paragraphs, and a misrecord. The presentation should fir the composition of the painting and porcelain, directing the fact inside the two themes you insufficiency to argue. The substantiality paragraphs should accept a subject-matter doom, denomination, and dilate. The subject-matter doom should accept an proposal, exercise verb, and a observe. The denomination should illustrate your dilate of the painting that leads you to the proposal. The dilate is to reply the questions embedded in the observe of your subject-matter doom. The misrecord is a summation of the similarities or dissonance of these two indication of art.