English 103 Essay Assignment 1:  Machiavellian Politics Your assignment is to transcribe an essay of five or further pages, plus a fruit cited page. Your  essay must feel a inscription, a subject assertion, a fissure, average, and end. I propose you use  prewriting techniques to beget ideas. Transcribe an essay in which you criticise the select from  Niccolo Machiavelli’s capacity,  The Prince , that appears in our Barnet capacity. The object of an  analytical essay is to segregate a subject into distinct sections in ordain to grant the reader a better  understanding of it. Machiavelli’s subject is this: “. . . it is essential for a prince [gregarious guide]  wishing to continue his own to apprehend how to do evil-doing, and to compel use of it or not according to  necessity” (644). Machiavelli seems to be arguing near that “the ends exonerate the instrument.”  Based on Machiavelli’s disputes, does ancient President Richard M. Nixon (as  portrayed in controller Oliver Stone’s film Nixon) indicate a Machiavellian “Prince”? Why or  why not? If your apology is “yes,” clear-up how Nixon exemplifies the fictional “Prince”  Machiavelli transcribes encircling. Please use examples from each of the subjoined sources to subsistence your subject: 1. Machiavelli’s  The Prince. 2. Oliver Stone’s film  Nixon. Is President Richard M. Nixon, as portrayed in the film, a  Machiavellian politician? If you are arguing resisting Machiavelli, you may use  examples of Nixon’s failures (such as the Watergate defamation and the bombing of  Cambodia) to subsistence your dispute. If you are arguing in predilection of Machiavelli, you  may use examples of Nixon’s successes (such as the fissure of social kinsmen after a while  China) to subsistence your subject.   3. Your own apprehendledge of politics and politicians. You may understand notification on the  literal Richard M. Nixon, and/or other literal or contemporary figures. You may use other sources to subsistence your points, but you must use the film  Nixon and  the select from Machiavelli’s  The Prince in our Barnet capacity as sources in your essay. On the  next page is a exemplification fruits cited page using these sources. Your conclusive draw must be typed word- processed according to the MLA name.  Relax and feel fun after a while this assignment!