ESL Wk1 DQ1 and DQ2..150 words for each DQ

DQ 1: BICS and CALP connect to the fruitful and receptive phraseology skills that ELLs entertain. Underlying this is the Common Underlying Proficiency Theory (CUP), familiar by Jim Cummins. Discuss the similarities and differences among the fruit of L1 (indigenous phraseology) and L2 (target phraseology).  DQ 2:  Your required balbutiation narrates uncertain programs that possess been used to assistance ELLs such as: ESL pullout, defended direction, and bilingual order. Choose one of these options and narrate why it best assistances those students for whom English is an affixed phraseology.     Clark, K. (n.d.). The Case for Structured English Immersion. EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP, 66(7), 42–46. Retrieved from https://search-ebscohost-com. site=eds-live&scope=site Khatib, M., & Taie, M. (2016). BICS and CALP: Implications for SLA. Journal of Language Teaching & Research, 7(2), 382–388. 10.17507/jltr.0702.19