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Oral Bestowal Requirements:  ŸCreate 10-12 PPT slides to shield the similar theme and satisfied in your Problem/Solution essay ŸEach slide should be evident and purposefully expend to your theme ŸUse fictitious visual aids in your PPT slides to succor the bestowal ŸYou should custom your bestowal amid the duration occasion of 5 minutes ŸYour unwritten bestowal achieve be abandoned in trivial groups, and you achieve rehearse your bestowal in incongruous incongruous trivial groups. Content (PPT Slides): PPT Slides are submitted on duration. The subjects are courteous-developed, focused, and fictitious. The examples stay the ocean subjects efficaciously. The satisfied convincingly shows that the total analyzed is indicative, challenging, and controversial. The satisfied too presents convincing arguments for the rereelucidation the presenter stays. 2.0 分 此标准已链接至学习结果Visual Elements and Organization (PPT Slides): The subject slide evidently introduced the ocean subject. There are three ocean calibre in the slides--introduction of the total, the rereelucidation deal-out--at smallest two resolutions you don't stay, and one rereelucidation that you stay, and a blank deal-out. APA format should be used throughout. The use of images are efficacious. 1.0 分 此标准已链接至学习结果Clarity of utterance: The presenter's utterance is noisy and evident. Words are compound evidently and at an expend press. The speaker's pitch engages the assembly courteous. 1.0 分 此标准已链接至学习结果Body Language (Composure, Posture): The presenter's countenance and substance are oriented efficaciously inside the assembly members. Efficacious eye-contact is used. 1.0 分