Review the included ISACA built surrender condition.  You succeed insufficiency to entire the tasks attested in the succeeding part of these slides labeled To Do.  Re-evaluate the presumption and surrender cunninge for all of the rows in board 2.  When you constitute your firmness on the new presumption rating, you succeed insufficiency to defend this delay one to two catechism.  When you confirm the new surrender cunninge, you succeed insufficiency to confirm two to three catechism as examples or sources to defend the changes.  Don't reasonable actuate it up or down, use general tidings and trends delay resembling companies to defend why you actuated or uniform kept it the identical.  For each ace, run a Quantitative or Qualitative surrender decomposition for a projected abolition.  In other utterance, discover a fix for each ace and put a charge tag delay it.  Decide what aces are in budget and constitute your dainty.  You succeed add three new columns to board 2, one succeed be a projected abolition cunning delay budget and surrender cunninge from the FAIR methodology, and the promote column succeed be if your surrender firmness (accept, soften, transmit, eschew).  Refer the entired spreadsheet to the resignation ace in this week.  You succeed as-well insufficiency to reply the 10 argument questions at the end of the slides and refer those delay your spreadsheet, either as a promote page delay replys in the cells or as disjoined muniment.