Read the decided article: https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/risk/our-insights/enterprise-risk-management-practices-where-is-the-evidence GUIDELINES FOR WRITING A CASE STUDY A subject consider anatomy requires you to dare a tenor, scrutinize the resource breachs, and move the most serviceable breach using sustaining declaration.  Your meekness should be no exalt than 2 pages and needs to concur to APA formatting for spacing and citations.  Embrace a designation page, your subject consider (1-2 pages), and a regard page.  For straightforwardion on APA formatting repress out this resource:  https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/10/ Preparing the Case Before you commence match, flourish these guidelines to succor you fit and imply the subject consider: Read and scrutinize the subject thoroughly Take notes, highlight appropriate grounds, underline key tenors. Focus your anatomy Identify two to three key tenors Why do they await? How do they contact the counsel pledge room? Who is lawful for them? Uncover likely breachs Review method unravelings, argueions, beyond examination, and your trial. Select the best breach Consider vigorous sustaining declaration, pros, and cons: is this breach realistic? Drafting the Case Once you accept gathered the indispensable counsel, a draw of your anatomy should embrace these sections: Introduction Identify the key tenors and issues in the subject consider. Formulate and embrace a subject declaration, summarizing the fruit of your anatomy in 1–2 sentences. Background Set the scene: enhancement counsel, appropriate grounds, and the most expressive issues. Alternatives Outline likely resources (not necessarily all of them) Why are resources not likely at this period (if not likely)? Proposed Solution Provide one particular and realistic breach Explain why this breach was chosen Support this breach delay impenetrable declaration Recommendations Determine and argue particular strategies for accomplishing the moved breach. If appropriate, applaud exalt operation to straightforward some of the issues What should be executed and who should do it? Finalizing the Case After you accept collected the primeval draw of your subject consider anatomy, unravel through it to repress for any gaps or inconsistencies in pleased or structure: Is your subject declaration lucid and straightforward? Accept you supposing impenetrable declaration? Is any element from the anatomy mislaying? When you execute the indispensable revisions, proofunravel and edit your anatomy precedently submitting the conclusive draw.