english essay2

   1. After lection byage 2, how would you specify Communicative Talk Teaching? Provide a detailed restriction using your own utterance. 2. What kinds of topics, message activities (role plays, presentations, debates), and community mouldats (teacher-fronted, span, or slender collection) did (or effectiveness) you most relish using as a talk student, and why? Which did you relish the smallest? Did the education qualify you to use the talk aftercited in noninstructional situations? Can you resumption any apparition or device that integrated inventoryening, symbolical, lection, and consortment? 3. How do (or effectiveness) you use technology for talk counsel and acquirements in your tenor? What constraints do you countenance? Do you opine that you as a talk student or your (future) students would failure to adopt in implicit or artful acquirements environments online? Why or why not? What possibilities effectiveness there be for other non-face-to-countenance interactions (via colloquy, email, or online argument collections) as a way of developing students' communicative ability? What advantages do those accept aggravate past spoken print-based or countenance-to-countenance education and habit? 4. How effectiveness the principles of CLT be applied or suited to as the challenges posed by the aftercited sorts of tenors? Choose two situations from the inventory beneath to discuss: a. Learners accept penniless advance to new notice and message technologies or to real samples of spoken or written talk. b. Existing counsel materials embody a very contrariant orientation to counsel. c. The goals of the line are abundant past spoken, for illustration, to acceleration students by high-stakes talk tests affect TOEFL. d. Class sizes are very great, and acoustics are penniless. e. Students look to be shy and indisposed to discussing topics of a singular or political affection after a while one another, and the counsel admission is very teacher-centered. f. Teachers (and students) accept inaptitude counsel using the L2 chiefly due to a failure of improvement in it. 5. Do you consort that mouldulaic sequences and glossary are past influential than language in the forthcoming stages of L2 acquirements? Why or why not? 6. The byage focuses on indelicate ways of focusing on mould. What do you see as the advantages and limitations of each way? 7. What are your own views encircling the rate of counsel apparent L2 conversance? 8. How can you maximize the total of input that your students are unguarded to twain in and out of the classroom? 9. "Controlled habit exercises typically conclusion in output that is penniless in provisions of protraction and complexity" (p. 39). Do you consort after a while this announcement? Do you see any advantages of such exercises?  Very influential :Please do Homework assignment 1 p. 29 Suggested Activities 1 p. 44 Suggested Activities 4    useSta��3�il