English Eassy ,5 pages (about drama) MLA

   Write an essay in which you parallel and contrariety the portray Antigone by Sophocles after a while the portray Trifles by Susan Glaspell. You should convergence on a superior disquisition of each portray, as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as 2 or further of the subjoined elements in your essay: sort, elucidation, discourse, mark directions, devise, and constituency. Please meditate 1 or further of the subjoined questions in your essay: 1. How is Antigone an stance of obsolete Greek drama, and how is Trifles an stance of existent drama? Obsolete Greek drama is repeatedly sortized by a ritualistic pitch. The closeness of a chorus is an stance of this pitch. ·How is Antigone an stance of a feminist portray? How is Trifles an stance of a feminist portray? In a feminist incident or portray, the effeminate sorts typically pains to declare their rights in a antiquated community (a community controlled by men). How does each portray economize this disquisition? 2. Imagine you are a shelter advocate whose lesson is to fall Antigone (from Sophocles’ portray) and Minnie Wright (from Trifles) in seek. How would you defend their “crimes”? The last exhaust of your essay should be 5 or further double-spaced pages (and 1,250 or further words) in protraction, plus a works cited page. Your essay should feel a appellation as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as a topic proposition. You must food each of your claims after a while quotations from the portray(s) you cull to transcribe encircling. After obedient the over questions as distribute of the predespatches course, clear a Topic Statement. Consult the sections on despatches encircling drama in our textbook for acceleration on formatting in-text citations for portrays (such as Antigone) that are disconnected into acts and scenes. Please too consider the scantling works cited page under.