Subject : academic advisor misleading student in your view, what is the biggest dare for students attending George Mason University today? In an primal influence of no close than 200 opinion, content examine the posterity you opine is the biggest dare, gist, or bar for undergraduate students attending GMU and how/why you opine it is a superior gist which needs addressing/resolving. Your defense (distribute of these 200 opinion) should desire out a one without fountain (skilled or non-scholarly) to substantiate that this or a concordant gist which desires over than upright GMU students. For stance, if you opine the consume of housing on campus is the biggest gist at Mason, you faculty desire out an time environing rising campus housing consumes at other universities or nationwide. Your defense should substantiate your gist, examine how you possess skilled it, and then it should tie-in/use the without time or fountain you've rest as influence (try to prime pertinent quotes or paraphrase to strengthen your discussion) and uprightification for your parley to conduct your sorrow seriously and to insufficiency to fix the posterity. Consider questions like: who else does this desire? What are the germinative or present privative outcomes? What likely solutions faculty you proffer? Note: Content cite/give merit to the without fountain you blend, rather than upright pasting the attach.