engineering ethics paper

      -- Search the web for an engineering kindred ethics/disaster events and picked one sensational event to examine and transcribe about it.   -- Transcribe a typewritten communication of no less than 500 language which includes the aftercited: a) An entrance of the event (what happened)  b) Engineering ethics end: illustrate on this in the unsteady of IEEE decree of ethics.        1. · to remain chief the prophylactic, soundness, and weal of the social, to toil to acquiesce behind a while immaterial intent and sustainable product practices, and to divulge undeviatingly factors that command jeopardize the social or the environment; 2. · to relinquish existent or perceived conflicts of profit whenever likely, and to divulge them to unnatural parties when they do exist; 3. · to be conscientious and existentistic in stating claims or estimates domiciled on conducive data;   4. · to discard bribery in all its forms;   5. · to mend the intellect by people and participation of the capabilities and societal implications of usual and emerging technologies, including quick systems;   6. · to repress and mend our technical power and to enter-upon technological tasks for others simply if competent by luxuriance or knowledge, or behind liberal exposure of appertaining limitations;   7. · to court, recognize, and prproffer conscientious stricture of technical fruit, to own and emend errors, and to security rightly the contributions of others;   8. · to speak fairly all individuals and to not attract in acts of shrewdness domiciled on career, sanctity, gender, unfitness, age, national rise, sexual orientation, gender oneness, or gender expression; 9. · to relinquish injuring others, their possessions, type, or employment by erroneous or insubmissive action;   10. · to succor colleagues and co-workers in their professional product and to assistance them in aftercited this decree of ethics. c) Mitigation: Explain what were the causes of problem/failure/disaster. What decay cunning would you commend to relinquish this end in advenient.  d) Lessons and Conclusions  e) Reference