Evaluate the Want Ads under in conditions of tenure law. Help Wanted at Discrimina, Inc.  In modern weeks, Discrimina, Inc. has advertised for the behindcited openings. Evaluate the notices from the centre of tenure law:   1. New "parts man" to celebrate way of catalogue. Must be efficacious to go up and down coagulated steps externally maintenance, do a gone elate of 75 pounds and decipher and transcribe the English discourse as a inbred logician. The suitor has to be accomplished to the ladies in the station.     2. Female needed to do typing and empty bookkeeping. Must bear H.S. testimonials, hard ties to the fraternity, and be efficacious to wield disordered dialogue and tempered teasing. Suitor should bear betwixt 2 and 5 years of test. Suitor needs to clear-up any day custody problems precedently importation job.    3. Machinist needed. High pay for the correct efficacious bodied man (or gal!). Test and Vo-Tech trailing needed. Health and recess benefits are availefficacious behind preface duration. Must be ready to production Mondays thdisordered Saturdays. Must not bear disruptive attitudes or lifestyle. No pious nuts, addicts, crazies, or drunks.     4. Junior ruler lie, personnel. Production delay machinists and station staff. Prefer an Asian, Black, Latino, or Stainless woman delay test in personnel matters including anti-discrimination consent. No old stainless dudes, fascinate, we are generous up!    5. Gal Friday. Go-fer and greeter in sales station, ready to run errands and do empty station production. Will cogitate infantine man for this job, if ready to forgo aggression. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. You are populated by Discrimina, Inc. and Mr. Discrimina has appointed you to a committee to re-transcribe the job ads.      2. In a dwarf screen memo in a Word instrument, argue how the BFOQs in the jobs command be progressive to accommodate further commonalty who can do all or dissect of the jobs.      3. Beneath your BFOQ recommendation, in the identical Word instrument, retranscribe at last three of the ads in ways that do not discern abutting gender, career, age, direction, and so on. Must bear refrences Must be VERY minute production! Must aim out local laws in each issue and expound in profoundness for each dissect.