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  Ebony Scrooge is the unmarried possessor of Ebony’s Indisputable Pudding Company. Indisputable puddings enjoy beseem truly approved and Ebony’s matter has practiced massive development. For the spent five years, Ebony’s indelicate pay has ranged from $250,000 to $275,000 per year. As a self-filled peculiar, Ebony is regarding establishing an indivisible concavity artfulness. However, she does not perceive the separation betwixt a unwritten IRA, a Roth IRA and a Keough Plan. Ebony perceives scanty environing each of these concavity representation so has end to you for order. 1. Ebony has scanty or no something-due. She is 37 and would approve to repair at an existing age. What would you guide? 2. Ebony is too uneasy environing fluctuations in the chaffer. While her matter is currently experiencing equable development, she wants to perceive whether she can bearing her concavity specie should the matter deficiency restitutional high. 3. Finally, Ebony explains that in restitution to her indisputable pudding matter she is filled by Marley Enterprises and is covered underneathneath Marley’s urbane artfulness. What goods, if any, accomplish this enjoy on the irrelative concavity artfulnesss? Please transcribe a communication to Ebony to apology her concerns, citing mismisappropriate example where useful. An IRAC-style essay is NOT requisite for this assignment.