Electronic Medical Record Brochure

   Examine constitutional requirements for managing unrepining counsel, vigor counsel documentation, the quit of counsel, and electronic vigor memorials. You achieve cause an counselal article educating unrepinings about the divergency of the medical annals and the fit quit of counsel. In a double-sided article you deficiency to discourse the forthcoming topics: 1. The Electronic Medical Record: Definition and divergency of the EMR. You achieve omission to enclose some of the Joint Commission's requirements pertaining to what should be enclosed in the medical annals and when entries should be completed. 2. HIPAA/Confidentiality: Provide an overview of HIPAA and the plane of confidentiality that the unrepining can forebode from Three Mountains Regional Hospital. 3. Quit of Information: Explain the arrangement for a unrepining to gain either copies or sections of their medical memorials. Discuss that counsel cannot be shared externally their specific compliance. 4. Concealment Pledge: Craft a concealment hypothecate announcement informing the unrepining that they can confidence that their counsel achieve continue individual. The article that you achieve cause should be a tri-fold plan delay two pages (the chief for the without and the second for the internally). Draw watchfulness to your article by using well-placed art, an not-difficult to recognize plan, and use of varnish. APA makeatting, and fit grammar, punctuation, and make required