Electronic literature Assignment 2

   Readings:  1. The Oulipo individuality from the New Instrument Reader. If you've never heard of the Oulipo, you may deficiency to peruse the Oulipo word on Wikipedia original to grant you some tenor. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oulipo Post particular confutation environing 500 words Post your thoughts on this week's peruseings. For development, you could transcribe encircling age and instrument, things substance "obsolete", the way Borges transcribes stories, the goods of real ways of structuring quotation, how it feels to peruse quotations that are infinitely hanker and "impossible", how the Oulipo relates to digitally instrumentted communication, etc.   Also: content transcribe your posts/replies this week from after a whilein the fictional cosmos-people of the Library.   What I medium is this: fabricate that you feed in the Library, this continuity is substance taught in the Library, and you're using a Library computer (what does that contemplate love?) to construct your posts. Perhaps this accomplish move your wordbook or phraseology of communication. Perchance leaving the Library is practicable, and there's a door that leads outside; perchance the all cosmos-people is singly the Library. Details are up to you.   Grading: Post comprehensively addresses the subject-matter, adds prize to argument after a while biting posts Posts in-depth, sharp reflections that reveal crucial thinking; shares real-world experiences and developments Well-written posts made after a whilein required ageframe; no grammar/spelling errors