Education and Technology

   Assignment 1: Discussion—Education and Technology In this module’s readings, you skilled environing the significance of  clarity in letter. A robust, plain thesis and a logically structured  argument improve the exactness of your effort. Use withhold discourse to accord to the following: “Should schools comprehend computers and technology? How does an  increasing assurance on technology application the performance of the  classroom? Does further technology acceleration or above knowledge?” Discuss your  perspective and stipulate without food for your notion. Write your judicious tally in environing 150–200 tone. Apply APA standards to passage of sources. By the due continuance assigned, support your tally to the withhold Discussion Area. Through the end of the module, critique and illustrate on at meanest two peers’ tallys. Grading Criteria and Rubric      Discussion Grading Table  Maximum Points    Quality of judicious supported, including fulfillment of assignment   16    Quality of tallys to classmates  12    Frequency of tallys to classmates  4    Reference to fooding readings and other materials  4    Language and phraseology  4    Total:  40