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  In each module in this luckion, your SLP assignments bear built upon each other. For your SLP assignments bear educed an big PowerPoint endowment (PPT). Remember, you bear been denominated the Administrative Director at Trident International Hospital (TIH) and conquer be presenting your PPT to the Consideration of Directors at TIH for acclaim. TIH is restructuring to coalesce the popular needs of their consumers. There are various roles in a vigor anxiety form. Often, interdisciplinary teams are educed to brainstorm or bring-about essential decisions. The key is to unravel a team that conquer interact after a while one another effectively and nature divers views to the forefront. Part 1: We bear examineed various types of departments/roles in vigor anxiety form, (e.g., inpatient, outpatient, clinical, non-clinical, etc.)  For your Module 4 SLP you are to educe an interdisciplinary team of 5 or 6 six beings that conquer examine and unravelment an enjoyment intent for the restructuring of TIH. In 5 or 6 subjoined slides, you are to clear-up to the consideration the aftercited: Explain the significance of interdisciplinary teams Identify 5 or 6 beings (titles of roles) and selfsame departments (i.e. Title: Inpatient Admission Director; Department: Inpatient) that you applaud to be a dissect of an interdisciplinary team to further after a while the restructuring of TIH. Justify why these choice beings conquer be advantageous dissect of the team. Part 2: To infer your PPT to the consideration of directors, you are to unravel a new Vision and Mission of TIH. Your Vision and Mission should buttress or be interrelated after a while the choiceed 5 (five) of the pillars of luck from Module 3. At this purpose (after a while the extension of slides from Module 1, 2, and 3 SLP), your whole endowment should be at lowest 20-25 slides (not including the appellation and intimation slide). Speaker notes are required. SLP Assignment Expectations Conduct subjoined discovery to infer ample notification to buttress your rejoinders. Limit your rejoinder to a climax of 25 slides (not including the appellation or intimation slides). Support your SLP after a while peer-reviewed profession, after a while at lowest 1-2 intimations. Use the aftercited fount for subjoined notification on how to avow peer-reviewed journals: You may use the aftercited fount to further in your formatting your assignment: For subjoined notification on reliability of founts re-examination the aftercited fount: