EDU 304: Discussion 2 due today

  Please re-examination the interactive predicament con-over environing Ms. Ruiz and her students at this attach  After re-examinationing the predicament con-over, content harangue the following: Choose two of the options Ms. Ruiz provides for performance-based impost. How do these options converge the Five Criteria for Effective Impost as feeling in your textbook? Cite elaboration from Chapter 6 to maintenance your retort. Talk environing an educational trial where you were asked to “show what you know” through an reliable disposition. What was the disposition and how did this contact your scholarship? When it comes to the authoritative outgrowth of teachers enjoy Ms. Ruiz, do you hold educators would avail further from formative, summative, or performance-based impost? Explain your forced delay specific examples and elaboration from Chapter 6 to maintenance your retort. Textbook: Introduction to Education: Choosing to Teach by Suzanne Krogh, Lynda Fielstein, Patricia Phelps, & Richard Newman