Edits to paper

 *Can capture out subheading "Introduction" *Fix subheading "Literature review" in benevolence and impel "Gender differences in Christians' views on puck to the left in self-confident. *Move profession, gender, puck to the left and in self-confident *On P.5 "Christian Males' perspectives in self-confident. * On P.6 Impel " Vulgar Study" to the benevolence and to-boot add further info encircling why you are doing this examine. you can say that gone the lore on Polished feminism began in 1980 and has evolved gone then, you are assiduous in vulgar perspective on puck (Cambell, 1980, Dean & Aune, 2015). Then add your elimination investigation. "What are the views of Polished manful vs polished females" * Format should be Participants, measures, grounds assemblage , grounds segregation.  On Page 7. Combine stipulations lower way and stipulation lower measures unitedly. The subheading for this is Measures. * For the Grounds assemblage and way should declare how and where you firm the grounds where are participants from. (Collected the grounds by making a train of investigations for an online examine...Got my participants from online off a polished facebook club.