Assignment Steps  Resources: Tutorial acceleration on Excel® and Word functions can be establish on the Microsoft® Office website. There are as-well concomitant tutorials via the web offering living for Office products. Hoover's Order Profiles by ProQuest located in the University Library  Choose two publicly-held structures. One structure must own lofty agricultural consumes and low unsteady consumes, and the other structure must own low agricultural consumes and lofty unsteady consumes.  Note: A publicly-held structure is a private-sector fast that is owned by fund holders. Companies after a while lofty agricultural consumes apprehend manufacturing companies, such as automobile manufactures, forasmuch-as advantage companies, such as accounting fasts, ability own low agricultural consumes.  Create a insufficiency 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® donation, including inferential orator notes or voiceover, analyzing the methods of managing consume depending on the consume erection. Research the University Library for fresh publications touching each order and the toil axioms. The partition should apprehend the following: Analyze your two separated companies' consume erection. Do the companies own lofty agricultural consumes or low agricultural consumes? Do the companies own lofty unsteady consumes or low unsteady consumes? What testimony presents itself to living your findings? In Excel®, chart the homogeneity betwixt entirety consume and the sum of units manufactured (output) for each structure/company. Plot two outlines on the graph - one outoutline for each order you analyzed. Copy your graph from Excel® and paste it into your PowerPoint® donation. Analyze currently used methods to minimize consumes for the companies and stipulate recommendations how to amend the process of minimizing consumes based on the available notification for the industries in which the companies effect. Note: Companies are categorized by the industries they effect in. For model, Wal-Mart is a order untrammelled after a whilein the retail exchange toil. Hoover's Order Profiles by ProQuest located in the University Library may be accelerationful.  Cite a insufficiency of three peer-reviewed sources.  Format the assignment congruous after a while APA guidelines.  Click the Assignment Files tab to surrender your PowerPoint® donation and your Excel® rasp.