Assignment Two For the second assignment, you succeed fashion a 2-5-minute video or transcribe encircling one of the subjects listed adown. If you pick-out to result a video, delight grasp a 1 passage abstract of your subject.  You may effect in pairs. Assignment Summary: Discuss a unfair economic concept and  how it relates to floating council system. Be indisputable to grasp a original information outlet/other (google learner) discussing this system. You succeed be discussing an economic concept in the composition of a floating episode or system. You may as-well use the textbook as a spring. Check out the berth the economist.... Potential Writing Assignment Topics: I.Discuss a unfair specimen of a council system that has been normal for the view of protecting the environment.  II. Discuss a unfair specimen of a U.S. council system to restrict imports. Possible Topics: Trade war delay China IV. Discuss a unfair environmental chaffer used in the U.S.  Possible Topics: California Cap-and Trade V. Discuss the collision of monopolies on chaffer power. What is the collision on consumers? Industry newfangledness? What are floating US policies predominant monopolies and how has the prevalence of monopolies newfangled aggravate term? VI. Expense Discrimination: What is expense penetration? How has use of expense penetration newfangled aggravate term and what are the collisions on consumer prosperity (fancy technology). VII. Work Markets: The gender-pay gap (or effect establish penetration; hiring penetration). What laws are in establish to prepisode this? How talented are laws? Is there proof of pay-gap/ effect establish penetration? You may as-well pick-out to transcribe encircling any subjects practised from chapters 14-19 (i.e. amusement assumption, cartels, oligopolies, etc.) Word Count: 250-650 language Writing (15 points) Write formally. Avoid phrases such as "I fancy" or "in my opinion" or "as you can see" Use liberal sentences Spell-check grasp references (i.e. information spring, textbook, APA format) (atleast two) Re-read your assignment 1-2 terms precedently turning it in.  Don't Plagiarize Content (35 Points) (I) Briefly and in your own language, summarize the system and its view (1-2 passage) (15 points). (II) Analyze the economic collisions of your subject on consumer/producer prosperity, work chaffers, or firm's income (or other subjects practised in assort) (20 points)  You may pick-out to grasp a graph, but this is not necessary