1) Elucidate the five levels of bias that stabilize a collection’s institutional framework, according to C E Ayres. (3) 2) What is the open resolve of noticeable bearing, and how has noticeable bearing progressive balance era? What issue for societies results from people’s predisposition towards noticeable bearing? (3) 3) How is the ceremonial-instrumental dichotomy of institutions reflected amid companies? What follows for the homogeneity of businesses and collection in open? (3) 4) How does Marx’s intellect of distribution and collection disagree from the makeweight perspective of the polished economists? (2) 5) Briefly elucidate, which are the deep congenital weaknesses of capitalist methods according to Marx? (4) 6) Where is the imbalance of strength grounded in a capitalist method in a Marxist light? How does strength swell further the economic realm? (3) 7) What is the role of council in the Marxist light? (1) 8) How is the concept of exploitation elucidateed in the Marxist method? (2) 9) Galbraith points out practicable weaknesses of the Marxist analytical method. Elucidate two of these. (3) 10) Give an economic model for the bugbear of compromise. Describe the bugbear of compromise in open provisions earliest. (3) 11) Outline Keynes’ explication for permanent necessitated unemployment. (3)