Answer the subjoined questions. When it needs import examples, in-text citations, and references. Do flourish APA name throughout your adaptation. Answers should be narrowness 2 pages, embrace interspace, Times New Romans. Question 1. In modern years, Zimbabwe has had hyperinflation, delay compensations tripling (or more!) integral month. According to what you knowing in this condition, what do you meditate the council can do to end this hyperinflation? Question 2. The federal command reorganize law public as No Child Left Behind requires integral specify to produce standardized touchstones that estimate whether students bear mastered key subjects. Since the selfselfcorresponding touchstone is absorbed to all students in the selfselfcorresponding proceeding in the specify, this encourages all schools delayin a specify to conceal the selfselfcorresponding esthetic. According to the removal of instruction design, what are the costs of this avenue? Question 3. a. When the compensation of olive oil goes up, what probably happens to the ask-for for corn oil?  b. When the compensation of petroleum goes up, what probably happens to the ask-for for probable gas? To the ask-for for coal? To the ask-for for solar influence?