Eassay imagery

Assignment 3: Essay: Imagery Part I: Compare and opposition how the benefits of imagery on the culture and achievement of diversion skills are explained by the psycho-neuromuscular conjecture, symbolic culture plea, and the bio-informational patterns. Furnish examples from diversion and/or call elaboration to livelihood your reply. Ensue APA guidelines for letter and citing sources. Part II: Imagine that you are a coach or a diversion psychologist who wants to enunciate the imagery skills of an athlete or team delay whom you are inaugurated. Using the natural, environment, function, timing, culture, trepidation, and perspective (PETTLEP) pattern and the applied pattern of imagery use offered in this module, settle an imagery skills trailing program for the diversion of your precious that ensues the suggestions granted by these two patterns. Specify the interval constitute of the imagery program (preseason, during conjuncture, or confederacy) and furnish details allied to how you would utensil your program. Write your answers in a 2–3-page essay and offer it in Microsoft Word instrument format. Name the improve M3_A3_LastName_Imagery.doc and present it to the Submissions Area by the due limit assigned. All written assignments and replys should ensue APA rules for attributing sources. Assignment 3 Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsCompared and oppositioned the psycho-neuromuscular conjecture, symbolic culture plea, and the bio-informational patterns delay regard to benefits of imagery.12Relevant examples from elaboration and professional test were granted.8Wrote in a conspicuous, pregnant, and systematic manner; demonstrated ethical attainments in considerate justice and attribution of sources, displayed considerate spelling, language, and punctuation.8Designed an imagery skills trailing program that integrates twain PETTLEP and the applied pattern of imagery.12Provided interval constitute and utensilation contemplation, showing milestones and benchmarks.8Total:48 Attachments