E-Commerce Requirements

5–6 pages)  E-commerce Web seats impression divers opposed areas of an organization—from sales, through accounting and manufacturing, to shipping. The requirements countenance is extremely relevant for the e-commerce Web seat. The requirements countenance allows you to gather a inventory of requirements from the palpable and interior users. This instrument obtain be very advantageous to the fruit and testing team. For this delineation, you obtain be adding the Requirements minority to your E-Commerce Implementation Plan instrument and arise achievement on your prototype e-commerce Web seat. First, retrospect the case requirements instrument adapted in your individual instrument. Complete the aftercited tasks: Upera the E-Commerce Implementation Plan instrument indicate page delay a new era and delineation indicate. Include aftercited details in the Requirements minority: Functional Requirements (these should align delay your case seat for your prototype) Non-functional Requirements (for issue, ease, accomplishment, tendency issues) Estimated absorb and timeframe Stakeholders – Identify key stakeholders who should entertain input on the requirements Include the aftercited details in the Prototype Delineation minority: Site Map Use Visio or another artifice hireling to engender a map of the case jurisdiction seat, Discuss modifications to pages you obtain demand to shape to engender your prototype seat Code Overview Language(s) used in the case jurisdiction Summary of case seat jurisdiction delineation (use UML diagrams such as adjust diagrams where embezzle) Discuss modifications to jurisdiction or the delineation you rule demand to shape for your prototype Be indisputable to upera your Table of Contents anteriorly yielding. Name the instrument as follows: yourname_ITSD325_IP2.doc