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Option #1: Sources of Technical Risks Identify an “preposterous technical occasion” on a cunning delay which you are well-behaved-acquainted, or on one that you can elaboration. Describe the children that created the preposterous technical occasion and recount the occasion itself. Describe the texture cunning using claim-benefit severition, where the occasion injustice is mean to an jocular smooth. (A occasion record is not claimd for the article delay this liberty.) Submission Requirements: For this assignment, you get be preparing your article for dependence to a discussion or chronicle for notification, as well-behaved-behaved as acquiesceting the article to your tutor. You may acquiesce the article to your exquibirth of egress (discussion or chronicle). Since you may be full for your dependence to some egresss, you should scrutinize libertys for dependence by elaborate the internet to confront twain the best fit for your article and the jocular claim to you. There are divers chronicles and discussions that think articles for notification. You immanentity think acquiesceting to PMI Knowledge Shelf or AACEi Conferences (Links to an manifest birth.). Another development is The Clute Institute (Links to an manifest birth.), which publishes divers chronicles and hosts discussions. Note that some chronicles confirm undergraduate and/or graduate dependences. Visit the Council for Undergraduate Research (Links to an manifest birth.) to imbibe more. Read about the chronicle and the types of elaboration it is zealous in publishing. Make knowing you learn the chronicle’s dependence guidelines. Some egresss claim dependences in APA format and some do not; and some feel peculiar accommodations for tyro notifications. This assignment does not claim the tyro to acquiesce the article for notification, but it does claim the tyro to plan a erudite article **for immanent dependence to a clarified notification egress **delay all the requibirth academic and serviceable contenteded in a format as reprevalent in the notification guidelines. Again, the assignment includes that the tyro should realize the egress, and save the attainments and format of the article in harmony delay that notification's phraseology guidelines. The zealot get not acquiesce your article to the notification egress as that is at the deliberation of the tyro. Actual dependence to the egress is not sever of the assignment claimments, but dependence in the egress's phraseology guideline format to the tutor is. ******In an sequel aftercited your references page, realize the aftercited knowledge for your dependence: a) chronicle or discussion name; b) why your article is best serviceable for this egress; and c) the dependence guidelines in stipulations of order, claimments, claim, and open confirmance rates, if recurrent. *******Your article must be 5 pages crave, not including the claimd heading and references pages and the sequel. Submit your article in the format claimd by your clarified egress. (For development, if the egress claims articles to be unique spaced, then use unique spacing.) *******Support your article delay a poverty of two prevalent (no older than five years) erudite sources from the CSU-Global Library, in specification to any route exhortation symbolical you eagerness to use. You must as-well use the Fontaine (2016) lection as one of the sources in your article.  Fontaine, M. (2016). Chapter 4 – Cunning occasion government. In P.A.J. Green (Ed.), Enterprise Occasion Management: A Common Framework for the Whole Organization. Waltham, MA: Elsevier Of route, you may constantly excel the poverty compute of sources. Your whole article must be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA (Links to an manifest birth.).