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  Select one of the subjoined U.S. presidential or badness presidential moots as the standpoint of your assignment: John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon: September 26, 1960 George H. W. Bush and Geraldine Ferraro: October 11, 1984 Barack Obama and John McCain: September 26, 2008 Access the resources associate kindred to your clarified presidential or badness-presidential moot in the Learning Resources to judgment the moot. (You are not required to guard the integral moot.) Access the associated transcript for relation in citing specimens from the moot. Rejudgment the Week 4 balbutiation in the citation, paying point watchfulness to the appropriate notification in Chapter 8. For specimen, voicelessness nucleus characteristics and biases of persuaders. Submit a 3- to 5-page paper that addresses the subjoined: Describe specimens from the moot that exhibit the nucleus characteristics of the mootrs. Explain the role of concitation in the moot. Describe the mootrs’ biases. Explain the contact of the mootrs’ political attractiveness on your resolution. Based on your resolution, reprimand each participant on a flake of 1–5; 1 for not trustworthy and 5 for very-much trustworthy. Support your rating delay notification from the Week 4 Learning Resources and the biased moot. Evaluate your biases for or abutting each petitioner, and illustrate how they assured your rating of the individual.