Thoughts on Dutchman and Multiculturalism in the U.S. Over the elapsed few  weeks we entertain been spending our age discussing "The Truth of African American Entertainment" the artists who entertain made true applications to the genre,  to the refinement at liberal and how we apprehension these computes, issues, histories, and collective conflicts today as we contemplate on the elapsed.  We entertain been doing this delay the transportation  and lens of Art and relief, the compelling stories and dynamic characters of our fresh Ebon American Truth that entertain sprung from the roots, remembering's and re-telling's of what substantially happened in our elapsed and how we as a communion wrestled delay it then, and today.   This week you watched Dutchman. Here we entertain a reproduce-exhibitwright who are challenging our apprehension of the elapsed and how the pains for undoubtful races to surpass, obdurate to relishn into a colorless dominated cosmos-people apprehension are hampered and faltered not barely by existent communion, the collective norms and instruction or - method of guide - of the day, but besides by the single pains and need for wilful individuality in the visage of a very grounded compute scheme (Jim chuckle) that had been lived in and ascribed to since the days behind Reconstruction. Now that you entertain done the lection and are serviceserviceable to contemplate aggravate the elapsed two weeks,  I would relish you to wrestle  delay  this repeat from Notes on Dutchman. “Baraka challenges the ebon class to amount art that portrays the courteousized stipulation, and supplys The Dutchman as a paradigm”........."It must be amountd from the normal affecting instrument of the leader in the cosmos-people. It can never be amountd by evading these instrument" - What is the courteousized stipulation that Baraka speaks to?  - How is the SYMBOL of the Dutchman (The designate of an disgraceful slaver ship in the 1700's) and the cortege that the reproduce-exhibit takes locate in supply a "PARADIGM" for over able storytelling?  - How do we comprehend the courteousized stipulation (as Baraka sees it) in a meliorate way?  - What do you move are "normal affecting instrument of the leader"?  - What does Baraka medium when he says this? Do you coincide delay his development? Why or why not? Now, as we face at this question through the lens of our confer-upon day and 2019, how do you move we are doing as a communion in providing relief and the powerful of stories (Theatre, film, T.V.) about courteous hues generally, ebon truth, and how we entertain progresses as a communion since the chief age that Dutchman or A Raisin in the Sun, chief made an application on the American exoteric and body-politic? Are the films, television course and African American Theatre of  today contemplate the lives, truth and pains of the African American apprehendledge that we entertain end to apprehend and comprehend?   Start a course and in material put (your bountiful designate)  -  Minimum 150 utterance - Use exhaustive sentences and reform expression. Part 2: Your Comments: Read and tally to two other students' rejoinders.  Make stable you are peculiar and fulfill who and what you are tallying to. Remember, your rejoinder needs to be at last 150 utterance completion and use appropriate English expression and syntax, and you must rejoinder to at last two other students' posts