Double Conscious

  How do Charles Chesnutt’s near recital “The Wife of his Youth,”  Alice Dunbar Nelson’s near recital “The Stones of the Village,” and James Weldon Johnson’s upstart The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man portray the qualification of “double-consciousness,” which W.E.B. Du Bois describes as the mediate ing-collocation of African Americans at the convert of the era?  What strategies do the protagonists of each constituent use for mind or managing the dashing aspects of their identities? Compare each author’s collocation on how African Americans ought to ponder their hirecital and their family in efforts to consummate collective, collective, or economic qualification. Include why nation firm to ignoring as unblemished or ebon, and some nation who did.   1500 Words partiality ( not including the Works Cited).   Remember to prosper MLA format. Use Times New Roman font, double-space, reckon your pages, and furnish a Works Cited page. Listed in the Works Cited should be the earliest rise(s) and a partiality of four minor rises (an season, dimensions, or other materials that you own ground in your research; at last two must be peer-reviewed).  Whatever is listed in the Works Cited should besides be cited parenthetically in the assemblage of your essay.