Students must suggest TWO of of these identification conditions in article create through the Assignments Tab if Canvas by the deadline limited in the Syllabus and in Assignments.  They are each rate ten points.  Be permanent to adduce properly, as per the MLA Format whole duration that any instruction is straightway copied (and extract marks are needed), paraphrased (letter someone else’s ideas in your own expression) or for any facts that are not niggardly acquaintance (relish “the sky is blue”).  Be permanent to contribute a works adduced minority delay a bibliographic passage of each cause used; Be permanent to emwhole the Time Accessed is the time that YOU previewed a point website or watched a Youtube video owing website/video contenteded can modify.  As per the syllabus, students must use a incompleteness of two causes, that are to be adduced in the whole of the article as polite-mannered-mannered as the works adduced minority for that identification tidings to be counted for a trice.  For over instruction, fascinate care-for the “Weekly Assignments” minority of the syllabus. Please voice that the textbook is an merry cause for all of the identification conditions: David Shi, America: A Narrative History, Volume 1, Eleventh Edition. New York:  W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2019. Identification Conditions For Chapter 1: 1) Moundbuilders Be permanent to authenticate who they were, when and where they lived, their assort and political construction, aspects of their art and edifice, and the subjection of their culture. No Author or Time Listed, “The Moundbuilders.”  Date Accessed: Seppa, Nathan, “Ancient Cahokia.”  March 12, 1997.  Date Accessed: WTVP, “Illinois Adventures #1308.  March 8, 2014. “Cahokia Mounds.””  Date Accessed: 2) Sir Walter Raleigh Be permanent to transcribe a short biography of his existence, focusing on his efforts to ponder and tenant North America, as polite-mannered-mannered as his homogeneity delay Queen Elizabeth I. Editors, “Sir Walter Raleigh.”  October 28, 2019. Time Accessed: No Author Listed: “Walter Raleigh.”  October 22, 2019.  Date Accessed: Terry Kaldusdal, “Sir Walter Raleigh.”  February 22, 2016.  Date Accessed: Identification Conditions For Chapter 2: 1)  King Philip’s War Be permanent to transcribe environing the causes, the main events, and consequences of this war. Brooks, Rebecca Beatrice, “History of King Philip’s War.”  May 31, 2017.  Date Accessed: Editors, “King Philip’s War.”  November 13, 2019.  Date Accessed: Antun-Shei Films, “The Sudberry Fight 1676: A Decisive Native American Victory in King Philip’s War,” January 19, 2019.  Date Accessed: 2) Middle Passage:   BBC, 2020.  “The Triangular Trade-Slave Factories on the Atlantic Coast.”  Date Accessed: BBC, 2020.  “The Triangular Trade-The Middle Passage.”   Date Accessed: BBC, 2020.  “The Triangular Trade-The Zong 1781-1783.”  Date Accessed: History, “Life Aboard a Slave Ship.”  February 7, 2019.  Date Accessed: