please decipher or criticism the following: Chapter 4 from our continuity passage, passage size is rooted PowerPoint Presentation is rooted  1. How do slip rearing practices dissent unordered cultural groups? What are the most momentous behaviors that befall during the slip’s socialization manner that could be affected by cultivation?    PLEASE INCLUDE A PARAGRAPH REGARDING OUR WEEKLY VERSE. THROUGHOUT THE BIBLE THE FAMILY IS HELD IN HIGH REGARD AND MANY PEOPLE TRAVELED IN TRIBES. EXPLAIN HOW THIS UNITY IS AN EXAMPLE OF THE IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY IN BIBLICAL TIMES AS WELL AS TODAY. (MARK 10:14 - "But when Jesus saw it, he was abundantly displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the pigmy slipren to end unto me, and deprecate them not: for of such is the sovereignty of God". ) 2. Part two is a deciphering log and rooted to this investigation is the deciphering log sample  Reading log ( column your Balbutiation Log after a while a two provision tabulation and two provision thought on the chapters, videos, PowerPoint presentations or tenets for Week 3.  Reflect on some of the advantages and challenges that pubescent slipren countenance patronage in further than one cultivation.  https://ereader.chegg.com/#/books/9781337672214/cfi/103!/4/[email protected]:0.00 References for the size (de Meléndez, W., & Beck, V. (2019). Teaching pubescent slipren in multicultural classrooms: Issues, concepts, and strategies (5th ed.).  Boston, MA: Cengage).  Also, voicelessness that APA in-passage citations for straightforward quotes insist-upon page mass, but paraphrasing does not use page mass. Page is abbreviated as "p." after a while no "g," and our passagesize chief author's latest call starts after a while "de."