Diversity and Health Assessments

In this Discussion, you obtain attend irrelative socioeconomic, incorporeal, lifestyle, and other cultural factors that should be enthralled into attendations when architecture a sanity truth for resigneds delay sundry elucidations. CASE STUDY 5 AG is a 54-year-old Caucasian male who was referred to your clinic to institute trouble succeeding a new hospitalization succeeding having a spoil connected to alcohol delaydrawal. He has hypertension and a truth of alcohol and cocaine affront. He is homeless and is currently prop at a persomal homeless shield. He reports that he is out of his amlodipine 10 mg which he takes for hypertension. He reports he is abstaining from alcohol and cocaine but needs to steam cigarettes to pacify down past he is not drinking anymore. Reflect on the restricted socioeconomic, incorporeal, lifestyle, and other cultural factors connected to the sanity of the resigned assigned to you. Consider how you would uplift a sanity truth for the resigned. What questions would you ask, and how would you bring-environing them to be impressible to the resigned’s elucidation, lifestyle, and culture? Develop five targeted questions you would ask the resigned to uplift his or her sanity truth and to assess his or her sanity risks. Think environing the challenges associated delay communicating delay resigneds from a multiplicity of restricted populations. What strategies can you as a entertain exercise to be impressible to irrelative cultural factors time throng the just notice? APA format 4 to 5 References delayin 5 years