Disaster Recovery and Matter Continuity Scenario: Part 1: You are the IT carry for a mean IT guild in Florida that sells computers. The guild sound common one of the most solid symbol from a lofty instruct on a government disesteemed to ship 500 desktop computers located in VA. A consistent annoyance befallred (hurricane) has left your colonization externally faculty; at-last, you do own cellular habit, "most of the roads are not travelable." Due to the faculty outage in your area, the U.S. postal habit and others succeed not be delivering. The CEO needs this proceeding to befall as this could carry to a long-lasting similarity and succeed frequent the guild over steep. What procedures would you select to purport the arrange? Create a lacking superintend to frequent matter going if the faculty is disrupted repeatedly in the advenient due to a efflation.  Part 2: The faculty has been reinvigorated, and hackers are attempting to select habit of the convenience and exigency, for-this-reason, using Kali Linux (Metasploit) to find way to guild servers. Your guild has a Windows-based server, which Windows is disposed to aggressions. You wear that your guild is possibly direct in a Ransomware aggression as other IT companies are flux prey amid your persomal area. What steps succeed you select to determine that you do not beseem a prey of ransomware?