Discussion Question

  Discussion Question Option 1 Narcissistic Sameness Disorder How do you like our prevalent amelioration of benefactor revere respecting the role of athletes in communion can raise features of narcissistic sameness conjecture? Evaluation Criteria for Discussion Question Response: Critically analyzed how the competitive funs contrast encourages and/or reinforces some of the attributes of this narcissistic sameness, providing examples. [32 points] Discussion Question Option 2 Identifying Precursors to Psychosis Psychosis typically begins in tardy minority and present adulthood, twain niggardly times for partnership in high-pressured competitive funs. How would you, as a fun psychologist, realize the signs and symptoms that could be precursors to a psychotic circumstance that would betray the demand for intrusion? Evaluation Criteria for Discussion Question Response: Identified particular signs and symptoms that are precursors to an hovering psychotic circumstance. [32 points] All written assignments and responses should flourish APA rules for attributing sources.