A network is a gathering of computers and devices conjoined unitedly. The internet is the world’s largest computer network. This soar in telecommunications and twain wired and wireless networks has opened up the possibilities for telecommuting (afloat typically at settlement but tethered to the company’s appointment) and teleafloat (afloat from anywhere using fickle devices and smartphones).  Studies enjoy shown that telecommuting can in-effect extension a company’s productivity. Teleworking, that is, afloat from anywhere, comes delay a undeveloped indirect require – the intimidation of “always afloat” and the correspondent consequence of “always substance profitable or online.”  Would you love to enjoy a job for which you telecommute or telework instead of going in to the appointment? Why or why not? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages for you as the employee and for the profession as the master in having teleafloat or telecommuting an genuine system?  This post  must be attended by appropriate counsel. Prove the purpose you are making by a) citing external examination, b) citing readings from the dispose resigned, or c) providing examples or  specific experiences that are appropriate and influence your pose on the question.