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Unit 8 argument Describe a city in the specify of Georgia that has DECLINED in population. Create firm you indicate the city, illustrate it subsidence in the specify, and interpret why its population has impoverished. Cite your (3) references in MLA or APA format. Now prove Atlanta whose population continues to advance and presents collections environmentally domiciled upon its advanceth. Present a answer for the commerce redundancy in Atlanta.   Critique the answer presented by at smallest TWO of your fellows delay whom you dissimilate and interpret why to dissimilate delay them in their subsistence. Compare and dissimilarity the 2 cities (the one in which population is mean to Atlanta). Specifically oration how areas in the selfselfsame specify (and probably not that far from one another) can be so dramatically divergent, as courteous as what primarily contributes to these differences. 1. After doing some exploration, I rest out that Albany, Ga has seen aggravate a 6% transmute in population gone 2010. Albany is a town in southwest Georgia that is located on the Flint River. Aggravate the spent decade, Albany has been esthetic to sundry plaintual disasters that feel displaced residents.  I deem that one way to abate the commerce redundancy in Atlanta is to produce a open subway or demeanor regularity that is further appealing and opportune than the bus. By adding subjoined media of low-cost demeanor, residents are further relishly to not use their identical behavior fullwhere they go.  Bibliography: “Albany, Georgia.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 23 Nov. 2019, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albany,_Georgia. Kueppers, Courtney. “As Atlanta Grows, Some Georgia Cities Continue to Shrink, Data Shows.” Ajc, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 21 Oct. 2019, www.ajc.com/news/atlanta-grows-some-georgia-cities-continue-shrink-data-shows/DXXFoNCk4pKSZ26Wqiz67M/. Sotra, Maria. “7 Smart City Solutions to Reduce Commerce Congestion.” Geotab Blog, 14 June 2019, www.geotab.com/blog/reduce-traffic-congestion/. 2. I chose the city of Reidsville, GA. According to the website, localistica, Reidsville’s population has abated by 3,005 gone the 2010 Census and advanceth is -222.90%. (localistica, n.d.) Reidsville is located in Tattnall county which is almost 67 miles Northwest of Savannah in Southeast Georgia. Reidsville is settlement to Georgia Specify prison. It is a very lovely town. The singly argue I deem the extricate has happened is that there is not abundant activity and tribe melting to bigger cities to feel approximation to further things. When we hold of Atlanta, they are holding of metro Atlanta, which is made up of 28 Counties,  has a population of aggravate 5 darling tribe. (Jurney, 2014) When in verity the city of Atlanta has singly 939,286, a 4% advanceth. Tribe seduce any city neighboring Atlanta when in verity, they're a lot of cities excluded Atlanta.  What should happen, is that MARTA should swell-behaved to further areas. As of suitable now, there singly two of the twenty-eight counties that feel MARTA tracks. The collection delay getting further is that you feel to effort delay so sundry divergent county and city governments. This a daunting business. The specify scarcitys to plod in and acceleration run what to do. Maybe place some husk of tax that gain acceleration capital increasing MARTA’s outreach.  References (n.d.). Retrieved from localistica: http://localistica.com/usa/ga/reidsville/ Jurney, R. (2014, October 5). How can Atlanta's commerce collections be solved? Retrieved from Quora: https://www.quora.com/How-can-Atlantas-traffic-problems-be-solved One passage for argument and 4 decree for fellow response -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Student responses  3 decrees each 1.1. Were you surprised at the running extent of the rational population or at its transmutes gone your year of parentage?  The year I was born, the population of the globe was 5,905,050,000. From 1996, the population has productd to 7,713,470,000 which media it has sundry by 1.31. The product in population gone I was born surprised me the most. I am singly 22 years old and the population has productd by 1.31 and is abiding to product as we say.  2. How sundry tribe do you deem the Earth can subsistence delayout monstrous environmental hurt?  Some opportunes deem the Earth can subsistence from 9 to 10 billion tribe, but plain these opportunes cannot succeed up delay a designated enumerate owing there are so sundry variables that succeed into indicate. So gone I am not plain suppress to entity an environmental opportune or student of any species, I can singly use the vocable of those opportunes and hold and see what happens.  3. Should open countries acceleration sluggish the population advanceth of developing countries? If so, what speciess of methods should be assiduous to do this? No, owing we are not God and we should not regulate the product of rational condition. God, entity the extreme principle, gain designate how abundant condition this planet can support, no stuff what husk of plans "experts" create. However, it does not surrender us the suitable to be prodigal in our media.  We scarcity to use the opportuneise of open countries to succeed up delay ways to enlighten developing countries on how to support farming, and insinuate sources and not to action the media they feel. We should use trouble of the planet fair as God monstrouscted Adam and Eve in the quantity of Genesis (Genesis 1:26). https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis+1%3A26&version=NIV 2.In Valdosta and the excluded area, recycling is executed through curbside enucleate up. The refuse companies produce a 19 quart recycling bin delay a inventory of items that they gain confirm. It is up to each intimate to run whether they deficiency to recycle or not. The city of Valdosta mean 45-50 tons of recycled esthetic per week. The wide bulk entity tractile, brochure, and glass products. Each ton recycled is one less ton placed in the landfill. This in transform extends the condition of the county landfill. Of all the properties in Valdosta, singly 30% recycle. I would designatedly relish to see that enumerate envelop or plain triple. The wide bulk of fellow products recycled could be transformed into further brochure thus reducing the enumerates of trees entity harvested. I deem that the recycling in my area is value it. It is custody tons of refuse out of the landfill, and its so comfortable delay roadside enucleateup. 3.I speed in Suwanee, Georgia and mainly anything is recyclable exclude any fashion of dangerous impair, yard impair, wooden or cloth goods, appliances containing Freon, and understanding impair. In my town, we feel curbside recycling (which I hold is truly opportune and comfortable) so, we feel two divergent colored dross cans, one for dross and the other for recycle. The recycling exchange succeeds through my neighborhood two to three times a week owing not fullone recycles and tribe incline to feel further dross than recyclables. My race has been recycling gone I was a slip and stagnant religiously recycles up to this day. We feel two divergent drosscans within our issue in the kitchen, one for dross and one for recycling. One esthetic I would select are tractile bags that we propel settlement our groceries in. Mainly full sole grocery and vend treasure uses tractile bags but when recycled, they can be reused and transformed into tractile choke, which then is used to create close benches, tailyard fences, and plain some indicateground equipment! Tractile bags can also be recycled into new tractile bags as courteous. There are a gathering of neighborhoods in Suwanee, which usually media a lot of families and a lot of grocery and vend shopping and tractile bags. Recycling tractile bags in my area would be truly salubrious for the fraternity and could transform into further benches and fences built from the tractile bags. Works Cited: “Convenience Centers.” Forsyth County Georgia, www.forsythco.com/Departments-Offices/Recycling-Solid-Waste/Convenience-Centers. “What Plastics Can Become.” Recycle Your Plastics, www.recycleandrecoverplastics.org/consumers/kids-recycling/plastics-can-become/. 4. gratify tail and corcorrejoin to argument questions on one of the slides in the ice caps powerpoint that i gain upload 5. gratify tail and corcorrejoin to argument questions on one of the slides in the rational aggravatepopulation in china powerpoint that i gain upload