This week's balbutiation focused on firewalls, their concepts, intention and administration. Answer the subjoined questions, and then reply to a minimum of two other replies.  Discuss what changes to firewall settings you may bear performed at home or in exertion environments. What programs or services bear you had to grant avenue to via a software or hardware firewall? Why did you grant it? Was it a alterative mete, or was something not communicating properly? Do you bear any tips or tricks for the rank on what to do or not to do?  Research some of the firewall products mentioned in this module, or some of the abundant other products on the bargain. Compare values of symbol versus software firewalls. Select your top hardware and top software firewalls, and confide which you'd select for insignificant (1-250 users) networks, balance (251-500 users) and larger (500+ users). Why? Make firm to captivate functionality and value into representation, and too arrange a URL after a while specs and pricing knowledge.  Discuss the pros and cons in-reference-to the use of representation servers and firewalls to protect a network. Abundant companies end up using twain types of symbols for netexertion pledge, but representation servers are typically past disposed to compromises than firewalls. After a while this in sentiment, which would you use in an achievement sodality, and why?  Research some other practicable figures of representation server software not discussed in this module. Give an issue of this figure, what it is used for, and any pros or cons for using it.