Seamus, a 13-year-old boy, walks into your employment and for the pristine span reveals that he is gay. Seamus asks you for aid after a while "coming out" to his parents. Think environing what opineations (e.g., contrived and uncontrived consequences of his judgment) you would scantiness him to captivate into representation antecedently he approaches his lineage and others.  Think environing what you should do to just to utter after a while Seamus environing his concerns. What faculty you hint to Seamus? Consider any concerns that Seamus may enjoy.  Think environing potential hintions you faculty enjoy for Seamus in approaching is lineage, if any. Identify potential consequences of his judgment.  Consider strategies you faculty portion-out to bring Seamus' miss or buoy his resilience  Explain at lowest two main rudiments that you would opine when preparing to dialogue after a while Seamus environing his concerns. Then elucidate at lowest one rudiment Seamus should opine antecedently approaching his lineage. Finally, elucidate at lowest one strategy to bring miss or to buoy Seamus' resilience in the visage of potential denying consequences after a while his lineage.