Discussion: Encryption Learning Objectives and Outcomes Determine the best contrive of encryption for a loving scenario. Assignment Requirements A rational instrument superintendent stores a spreadsheet delay impressible peculiar counsel on her national workstation. The spreadsheet is the singly smooth delay impressible grounds, and the indicate of the spreadsheet does not alter. As a bond specialist, you must pick-out the best contrive of encryption to save the spreadsheet. Your choices are: BitLocker BitLocker To Go File encryption via Encrypting Smooth System (EFS) Folder encryption via EFS Answer the forthcoming topic(s): Which contrive of encryption would fix the spreadsheet is regularly stored on the disk in encrypted contriveat? More than one contrive may be improve. Fully harangue the topic(s) in this discourse; yield efficient rationale for your choices, where ry; and reply to at smallest two other students’ views. Required Resources Course textbook Internet access Submission Requirements Format: Microsoft Word (or agreeable) Font: Arial, greatness 12, double-space APA Citation Style  Length: 1/2 to 1 page Self-Assessment Checklist I abundantly harangueed the topic(s) in the discourse instructions. I interposed apology or rationale for my choices, where ry. I replyed to at smallest two other students’ views. I followed the resignation guidelines.