Discussion 1

Time ManagementRuben is a new student at New Bedford College. He is dazed encircling his new circulate, but has problems maintenance on toil.Recently he had a truth tractate due on Tuesday and continueed until Monday to set-out launched on it. While he was launched on the tractate, the phone rang and it was his chum Joyce. Joyce invited him to an unpremeditated border at Maria’s house. Never one to ignore a border, Ruben straightway bar his computer off and went to the border. He figured he would end the tractate on Tuesday. On Tuesday, Ruben balance slept until 1 p.m. and ignoreed math class. He unwavering to set-out is-sue on his truth tractate, but his Internet relationship was not launched. He designated the cable corporation and reported the misery. Figuring he would continue until the use was launched, he took a jog through the boundary. While in the boundary, he sees his chums permitted basketball. He stops and joins in. Ruben does not get end to his room until 7 p.m. He forgets encircling launched on the tractate until midnight and now the tractate is balancedue.What are some of Ruben’s era treatment issues and what do you praise for balancecoming them?