Review:  Dashboards for Your Board: Communicating Data Effecively and Efficiently, Two Keys to Deliver Better Care and Measure: Pod Implementation & Dashboards, Utilizing Big Data to Cater Better Health at Lower Cost, and Intelligent and Actionable Dashboards articles. Additionally, reconsideration the following Saint Martins Clinic (Links to an outer predicament.)exemplification rush table and examination a few more financial healthcare rushboards. Write: As a healthcare superintendent, you are required to evaluate extension of come, bulk or census, and payer mix, etc. to assess how polite-behaved-behaved you are parley the division intents. The rushtable examples cater snapshots of those components for superintendents to use for daily decision-making purposes. Explain to the Vice President of Operations via email two challenges to, as polite-behaved-behaved as two opportunities to as, the division’s intents fixed on the scenarios you below: 250 Words ·  You are the performance dignitary of a multi-specialty performance and your rushtable consists of resigned cancellation appointments, no-show appointments, resigneds that arrived for appointments, pending referrals, completed referrals, daily claims submittal, and repudiation tidings. Your intent is to secure resigneds are accordingly hereafter in to be seen, reminding them of their appointments, verifying resigned’s referrals are being used, and wane claims being robbed for reimbursement. DUE 1.9.20 @9AM EASTERN STANDARD W/ PLAG REPORT