Complete the "Police Killings" Exercise located at the aftercited link: Working Delay Data DEVELOPING INTIMACY WITH YOUR DATA SUBJECT: Police Killings This drill involves you instituted delay an already habitual postulatesset to attempt the retaining three key steps of examining, transforming and exploring your postulates to eliminate a learned familiarisation delay its properties and qualities. This spreadsheet provides you delay two dissimilaritying worksheets showing snapshot details of narrative deaths caused by US law enforperpetuate agencies, from The Guardian (“The Counted“) and the Washington Post (“Fatal Force“). For each postulatesset: Examination: Articulate the import of the postulates (its representativeness and lion) and combined discuss the visible properties (type, largeness, situation) noting down your descriptions in each subject. Compare what the two postulatessets tender and dissimilarity their differences. Transformation: What could you do/would you need to do to clear or diversify the true postulates? What other postulates could you think would be costly to thicken the true postulates? Exploration: Use a utensil of your precious (low recommendations would be Excel, Tableau, R) to visually investigate the two postulatessets partially in direct to learneden your judgment of their visible properties and their traceable qualities (insights) to succor you perpetuate your discernment of their relative treasure.